I am often asked whether it is really necessary to draw up a will. Isn’t everything already arranged in the law? And when it comes to international situations, don’t we have the European Inheritance Act?

It is a mistake to think that national laws and the European Inheritance Act contain the optimal solution for each individual situation. General rules and regulations by definition do not take into account personal circumstances. Especially in international situations, it is important to draw up a clear will that states what is to happen should you pass away. This will help your heirs avoid a lot of hassle!

On the first of January 2018 a new matrimonial property law Act entered into force in the Netherlands. This new law applies to all marriages that are entered into after this date. It applies to all Dutch nationals who marry other Dutch nationals while they live in the Netherlands, but also to expats of other nationalities who make the Netherlands their first joint country of residence after getting married.